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Best acupuncture mats for relaxation and pain relief

Laying on a bed of spikes doesn’t exactly sound relaxing, but somehow, it is. These mats are covered with thousands of strategically positioned spikes that won’t break the skin but still manage to deliver some of the healing therapy of Acupuncture. Helping to relax muscles and stimulate nerves, while the first few minutes of the mat are uncomfortable bordering on painful, you’ll soon find your body and mind in a divine state of relaxation.

Just 10 to 15 minutes of mat time a day will see you reaping the mental and physical benefits that far outlast your time on the mat.

If you’re looking for relief from tight muscles, or struggle with back and neck pain, this could be the solution for you.

The mats even claim to help with anxiety and insomnia.

So if this sounds like something you’re interested in, keep scrolling to see six of the best Acupuncture mats you can pick up on Amazon.

Created by the back pain specialists, Supportiback, this mat provides holistic pain relief that targets the upper and lowers back at the same time.

This mat can either be used as something to help you wind down in the evening or energize in the morning, or preferably, both.

The mat can be rolled up into a travel-friendly bag so you can bring it with you anywhere, to the gym for post-workout muscle relief, or even to the office for a meditative work break.

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Coming with an Acupressure mat, pillow, and two massage balls, this set can be used in a variety of ways that combat back pain, sleeping issues, stress, fatigue, circulation, and more.

Distributing your weight evenly across the points, you’ll soon find the initial discomfort replaced by a warm and relaxing full-body sensation.

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This Acupressure set not only comes with the mat and pillow, but it also comes with a massage stick so you can give yourself deep tissue massages that help provide muscle relief to tight and sore muscles.

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An eco-friendly option for all the environmentally-conscious shoppers, this mat and pillow set is made from a thick material that is made to last.

The set also comes with a canvas tote bag to make it simple to bring with you anywhere.

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At almost double the length of a standard acupuncture mat, this one will be able to provide relief for the upper and lower body at the same time.

This set also comes with two massage balls for deep tissue relief, perfect for getting deep into those sore muscles commonly felt in the feet, calves, and shoulders.

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With nine fun colors to choose from, you can match your mat to your home decor.

This mat and pillow set is cost-effective and provides all the classic benefits of acupressure mats.

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