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ARPwave used in treating sports injuries

When Denis Thompson founded the company ARPwave in 2004, bioelectrical medicine was new and innovative as an option for treating chronic pain and sports injuries.

ARPwave’s name is an acronym for what the technology offers – Accelerated Recovery and Performance.

Thompson, president of ARPwave since the company’s inception, said, “We have had thousands of the most elite athletes in the world as clients. We have been instrumental in influencing athletic championships in every sport worldwide for more than 15 years.”

When he developed ARPwave, Thompson wanted to make it available to the general public, through visits to ARPwave clinics and access to ARPwave therapy through doctors and orthopedic surgeons worldwide.

Now, ARPwave is used as a treatment for a great variety of medical conditions – ranging from stroke and spinal cord injuries to multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Colt Thompson, Denis’ son and vice president of ARPwave, works at company headquarters in Apple Valley. Last week, he emphasized that ARPwave therapy is not only useful to athletes playing Major League Baseball, NFL football, Major League Soccer, and NHL hockey, but also to high school and college athletes and the general public. Hubs for the company are located in Atlanta, Chicago, Indianapolis, and Phoenix and cities overseas.

“The premise is to get to the root cause of a problem,” Colt Thompson said. “The procedure involves finding and treating cellular damage. Neuro-Therapy is a patented process, which diagnoses and treats the neurological origin of all systems.”

Testimonials have come from athletes in all of the major pro sports.

Dwight Feeney, an NFL football player with the Indianapolis Colts, gave this testimonial for ARPwave therapy: “I have missed one game in five years of playing in the NFL. ARPwave Neuro-Therapy has kept me on the field and helped me recuperate from an injury in time to play in the Super Bowl.”

Tim Thomas, who skates for the Boston Bruins in the NHL described his experience with ARPwave: “I had hip surgery and didn’t know if I would be able to play hockey again. I would like to give special thanks to ARPwave Neuro-Therapy, for not only the recovery of my hip but also for increasing my athletic performance immensely.:

Until COVID-19 swept across the nation, beginning last winter, many treatments were done at ARPwave clinic locations all over the world. Clinic locations, including the one in Apple Valley, are still open for treatments, but at the same time, clients may receive treatments through physicians or orthopedic surgeons that they normally visit for health issues. An APRPwave device can be sent home with a patient, and then the physician can guide the patient through treatment with a video call.

“We had four therapists here, and we were able to see 60 patients a day [in Apple Valley],” Colt Thompson said. “Overall, ARPwave’s success rate is 95 percent [among more than 500,000 clients]. ARPwave can change people’s lives. We have had success in treating chronic knee pain, chronic back pain. After 1-2 sessions, a patient will usually see a change.”

Neuro-Therapy’s four-step process is laid out in the company’s brochure.

STEP 1: Testing your nervous system.

STEP 2: Finding the origin of your symptoms.

STEP 3: Testing the origin of your symptoms and breaking movement patterns.

STEP 4: Sleeping with Neuro-Recovery patented technology every night for 30 days gives you 240 hours of therapy you can’t get anywhere else.

Whether patients are in discomfort due to chronic pain, sports injuries, concussions, neurological disorders, automobile injuries, concussions, work-related injuries, fractures, or muscle atrophy, ARPwave can offer a solution.

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