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21 Pain-Fighting Foods That Are Incredibly Cheap

In this post, I’ll show you exactly which foods are the best at getting rid of inflammation and cheap enough for any budget. If you always have aches and pains, or can’t seem to heal from an injury, you may be suffering from chronic inflammation. You can reduce inflammation in your body by eating

Effective Tips For Lower Back Pain Relief

We’ve got your back. If you’ve tried every back pain remedy in the books, today we’ve put together a list of effective tips for relieving your lower back pain quickly and naturally. Back pain may be difficult to beat, but we hope these strategies will take away your back pain in no time. Master Kettlebell

Alaskan Chiropractor’s Deep Sea Fishing Injury Prevention Tips for Low Back Pain

Alaskan Chiropractor’s Deep Sea Fishing Injury Prevention Tips for Low Back Pain If you’re looking to prevent back pain while waiting for your next big catch, follow our back pain prevention tips below. Whether you’re headed to Seward for salmon or Homer for halibut, keep your back pain at bay as you reel away.

The Most Common Golf Injuries

Golf appears to have the reputation of being one of the less strenuous sports out there, and one that can be played by pretty much anybody, no matter how old or what body type and level of fitness you are. And in some ways that’s true. Being a good golfer is like most other

Back Pain and Diagnosis

Did you know that many doctors miss areas of concern that could lead to cures? Did you know that back pain is common, yet many doctors fail to see the cause? The answer is simple. The reason is most medical doctors have little experience in the system of healing so to speak. Rather many

Joints and Connective Tissues Causing Back Pain

the joints connect with tissues that work with the muscles and bones. The joints connect with tissues to conjunction bones and enforce these two bones to move. In short, joints are articulate that rest between two bones planes and provides us stability, movement, and control of this range of movement. (ROM) The joints have